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01 Nov 2014

Pantelis Vladimirou

Upcycle.club is a social enterprise that inspires to solve and combat complex societal problems in urban (for now) environments. We operate on a dual level, Physical (meet-space) and Digital (info-space). We practice upcycling that it is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.


We currently operate & function digitally from our social hub (www.upcycle.club) and from physical upcycle.clubs (like the Golden Gardens eco-park in Limassol, Cyprus, that also is our HQ in the center of the tourist area of the emerging city).

A few words for the eco-park would be necessary but it would be better to watch a live demonstration to guests visiting the park for the first time. 


It is important to note that the park was build exclusively from waste materials like pallets and old tires and raw materials like cypress tree cones and old beer bottles and with the help of local volunteers (regardless of ages). The aim of the eco-park is to solve complex urban problems that all cities around the globe phase.



We are talking about social cohesion, local unemployment, low morale and the effects of non-sustainable tourism. By operating the club last summer, we realized that a miracle was in the process, people show much respect to the place.




Our mimetically engineered physical solution was working better than expected. Note that the eco-park was run by the volunteers. Neighbors were visiting and starting to talk to each other's for the first time. People were socializing with their dog and they were getting friendly with the often considered 'higher' class tourists from the 5 star hotel opposite the park and the people from 'lower' classes from the neighborhood were sitting and singing and dancing around the bon fire.

Another example of how you can approach social cohesion. People were playing drums around the fire. By themselves they were organizing. Guests were coming back bringing things they upcycled and seeds for us to plant into the vertical pallet garden fence.



Our motto is: "Change Your Environment. Change Life."

We were also operating digitally from various clubs. But mostly from Barcelona. By digitally we mean that we, at the upcycle club practice upcycling on higher levels. We do not only upcycle waste & raw material to build things; we also upcycle digital waste and raw material.


What we are upcycling?

1. We UPcycle: = digital waste (video footage mostly forgotten on a digital or mobile device somewhere around the house or the basement).

2. We UPcycle: = reality (what people are witnessing; we basically educate/collaborate/mentor people - something that we also do at the physical clubs - so that they become preconscious and capture with their smart phone live moments that have a high probability of virality).

3. We UPcycle: = ideas (people collaborate from various location digitally to perform collaborative artistic, scientific work) transmutating them from the thinking level; to the digital level; to reality.

I would like to conclude this answer by explaining our blue philosophy; that for us is the evolution of green to something higher in order to become a friendly sustainable blue planet.


Blue means four things;

1. Respect your environment (both natural and physical, both urban and rural, both calm and distressed, all nature)

2. Respect all animals (both small and big, both tiny and huge, both black and colorful)

3. Respect your fellow citizen (both female/male or other, both young and old; both local or foreigner, both short and tall; both thin and chubby).

4. Lastly respect yourself (both outer and inner, both happy and sad, both bad and good).

Blue was selected as the more peaceful color and also because for us, blue represent peace.

#BlueHugs Early Social Experiment aka Mememulation of the blue philosophy and how easily it could promulgate.


Sky is the limit and the sky is blue.

The results in less than a few months of operation are amazing; beyond the ideation level that never stops:


Upcycling Digital Waste:

- Thousands of visitors to the park, dozens of volonturees to support the idea and the blue philosophy

- Thousands of fans, subscribers and followers all over our social media accounts supporting our cause

- Millions of public views of our upcycling content materials on popular websites like MSN, Telegraph, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Yahoo and more


Upcycling Reality:





Upcycling Ideas:



Upcycling Ideas through meme-jacking




Videos come from our blue community and from both physical and digital upcycle.clubs. Any profit generated from any video is evenly distributed. Our videos US Nationwide TV appearances, multiple article mentions, and can be found on multiple platforms (YouTube, Yahoo Screen!, MSN, AOL, Rumble, LiveLeak, DailyMotion and Facebook & Twitter receiving shares and retweets from prime influencers like Actor/Director Zooey Deschanel).

For More Digital Video Projects:

Subscribe to UpCycle's youtube Channel  /user/SBlueme


Where You Can Find Us:



Social Media




Instagram: http://instagram.com/upcycleclub

Twitter: https://twitter.com/upcycle_club

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/2/+BlueMeshow/posts

UPcycle fm: http://goo.gl/TFSupS


Sister Company (Intelligent engine for Upcycle.club):



Affiliated Research Projects (EU funded):


(9m Euro 4 year project on urban policy forecasting, simulation and eGovernance, includes partners like Xerox, Fraunhofer, UN-Habitat, Major Cities of Europe, many prestigious academic/research centers and pilot cities from Europe, Africa and China) Status: -last year.


(5m Euro, perfect project for reusing public screens from municipalities to raise awareness with citizens. Pilot tested around Europe). Status: - ended June 2014


(5m Euro, excellent pilot-tested project around European municipalities to interact with citizens using a digitally inclusive eGovernment platform DIEGO) - ended October 2013


Sister Company (designing & operating www.upcycle.club)


Digital Strategists, designers and creators of upcycle.club and prime team members for shaping the overall strategic focus of our social enterprise.

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