Upcycle Club

Camp Fire & the City

While this is not an eco-friend way of starting a camp fire , we surely had a good laugh with that particular sparkle of ingenuity.

EcoToilet is absolutely amazing

The customers at Golden Gardens do not anticipate this small surprise and instantly fell in love with the hundreds of cypress tree cones glued on the toilet wall

DIY Bench: Dream & Go

Some ideas are great and some are even greater. Here at UpCycle.Club we strive for solutions that people would appreciate. We instantly felt in

How to UpCycle Pallets

Here at Golden Gardens we knew that pallets are amazing, cool, fun but also prime materials for upcycling. We love the idea of pallet gardens

EcoPath to Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living (#SustainableLiving) is our favourite kind of living here at the Upcycle.Club and we constantly strive for finding

Ultra-durable Firehose Wallets

It all started 5-6 years ago when my brother and I found an old firehose on an abandoned industrial terrain.

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