Camp Fire & the City


  • The whole concept of UpCycle.Club(s) is an ambitious experiment that paves the way for finding ethical BLUE solutions for combating various complex interrelated urban problems. The campfire every night is one of our favourite solutions for social cohesion and sustainable tourism.

    As the fire starts guests come in, couples in love, friends and families, regardless of race, class and colour. Everyone sits there and enjoys the warmth of the camp fire and then it starts out of the blue, someone will pick up the drums sticks, or play at the barrel drum buckets and sticks and bottles with little stones in them and they start a drum circle around the fire out completely out of the blue ;)

    Every one enjoys the experience and everyone is friendly; because they feel blue, they feel good about themselves, good for their fellow drummers; even feel good for Kanja that plays joyfully on the drumming sounds and proud for changing their environment for a while.

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Its all about people get along and enjoy romantic moments like never before

Location: Golden Gardens Limassol

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