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Upcycle Club was inspired by 2 very passionable people who have been following all their lifes the green, blue, sustainable cities philosophy, with a goal to build and have a better environment for us. 

Harris Neophytou

Harris is the owner of INTERFUSION SERVICES research company. His main activities are around city growth research, upcycling and green enviromement. He has also work in many European funded projects for 

Evros Demetriou

He is the co-founder of Upcycle club. A 24 year old Social Media Expert/Project Manager living in Cyprus.

Evros is also the owner of a quite successful YouTube channel which reached 40k subs over the past 3 years. He quit being the persona that he was and became a social entrepreneur, and after 8 months of research, UpCycle.Club is his 1st project.