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Upcycling is a way of life, a lifestyle if you wish.

My 1st UpCycled waste material was a pallet. It was an old wrinkly pallet which gave you a splinter everytime you laid your hand on it, I scraped it with sand paper, painted it blue, put some fiber inside the holes and planted yellow flowers inside to match it with the colour of the pallet. It was magnificent!! I felt like I gave a soul to a piece of wood. It was more than charity, it made me feel really good inside.

Upcycling is an inspiration itself. You bring something to life, how can you not feel good about that?

Upcycling is a life style. It brings out another person of yourself. 

Our vision is to create a strong community with fellow upcyclers in order to help each other and make a better world

The good thing about Upcycling is the blue philosophy behind it.
The philosophy is simple, respect your self and EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. What do I mean by that? Its simple.. Be humble, share love ,desire peace...
When I tell people about blue philosophy, they all say the same thing, ''Not everyone cares like you in this world'' ... They were all WRONG! Why?

Because some of us in the team couldn't sleep until we found a solution..and eventually we did! It was UpCycle Club. I knew if I built it for my self and how I wanted to live my life, and not as legal fiction, the people who desire nothing but piece in their life, will draw their attention.