EcoPath to Sustainable Living


  • Sustainable Living (#SustainableLiving) is our favourite kind of living here at the Upcycle.Club and we constantly strive for finding novel ways of promoting this ideology. While designing the ecoPark at Golden Gardens in Limassol, Cyprus we had to think of interesting ways of welcoming our guests to the experience of sustainable living. That's where we got the idea of creating a welcoming ecoPath on the footsteps of sustainability.

    On the Yermasogeia tourist area in the heart of the city of Limassol where the first Upcycle.Club is located, 37 cypress trees stand tall providing a kind reminder of what a forest looks like. We decided to use their fallen cones as the main material for our ecoPath. We handpicked each and every one of those cones (see video) with the help of our amazing volunteers but first we laid down the ecoPath with used beer bottles provided by a local bar downtown. We effectively upcycled all the way and we paved an ecoPath that leads to sustainable living.

    Our guests love the feeling of stepping onto the cypress cones, it is a unique feeling that one cannot easily express in words. You just need to experience

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