How to UpCycle Pallets


  • Here at Golden Gardens we knew that pallets are amazing, cool, fun but also prime materials for upcycling. We also love the idea of vertical pallet gardens, but we wanted to take that idea to another level. So when we first decided to upcycle an abandoned parking lot into an ecoPark, we came up with the idea of using vertical pallets as a temporary garden structure for the perimeter of our open space.

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    The end result is simple, ecological, economical yet highly effective in many ways. For example it attracts a lot of attention from visitors passing by the ecoPark either on foot or by car; not your usual eye candy on a busy avenue.

    Also it is important to note that this is a highly resource-efficient design since one needs to water only the plants on the top layer of the vertical pallet garden and the middle and low layer also gets watered. We are proud to share with you that the soil we upcycled was 70% picked from the natural debris of our 37 cypress trees on the park. That is the essence of sustainability and we love it. For more info on upcycling cypress tree cones check out this article

    If needed... I also got this info from here: we can reference it.

    Materials for pallet vertical garden

    You will need: 1 wooden pallet (which is used for transport of goods), a burlap, sturdy garden film, scissors, furniture stapler, universal soil, plant seeds or young seedlings.


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