Ultra-durable Firehose Wallets


  • It all started 5-6 years ago when my brother and I found an old firehose on an abandoned industrial terrain. Short after we made a wallet out of it and right now we still have the same piece! As all of our friends were very enthousiast about our wallets we made more for them. Now, years later it has proven its quality and durability so we went further and looked for ways to improve our product. This resulted in different colors and smoother edges as the initial product was very rough.

    We now want to raise some funds by our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to invest in our workshop for future (upcycled) products. We have a lot of ideas but our tools and material are very limited at the moment.

    More info can be found on our indiegogo website: http://igg.me/at/Firehose-Wallets

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